HP Is Trying To Promote 3D Technology

The technology and computer giant, HP or Hewlett-Packard Co has taken a step FIFA mobile football free coins forward towards 3D scanning and projection. The company has merged a 3D scanner and projector with a normal desktop computer. The initial price of the PC has been set at $1,899.

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The new desktop computer, named, Sprout, goes on sale this coming Wednesday. HP has been working in the 3D field for many years and has said that it will begin to share its 3D printing technology. HP claims that with this technique the user can print 10 times faster and a lot cheaper than the current options available in the market. HP is struggling with a lot of issues at the moment as the personal computer business has apparently come to a standstill with little growth over the years. It has tried a lot to revive the market along with many other companies by introducing products like ultra-thin laptops and all-in-one’s but these attempts have already failed.


The display mounted 3D scanner and projector creates a digital image of objects placed on the mat. It also projects images onto the desktop, which a user can edit by touch. HP believes that the users prefer touch controls on the desk as compared to the on-screen touch screen. The HP executives demonstrated how anything ranging from a pen to FIFA mobile football cheats pictures can be scanned and sent over social media with utter ease.

The company calls its technique multi jet fusion as it employs a series of printing jets spraying chemical agents at the same time. The current technique I limited to scanning and projecting but not printing. HP thinks that 3D printing will not come until 2016, the time by which 3D printing techniques will become common and efficient.


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